The doctors at Kingsgate work together to provide excellent surgical care for your pet. We know that putting your animal under anesthesia can be very stressful. We promise to use the safest anesthetic drugs possible, have a dedicated veterinary technician to monitor your pet during the entire procedure, and address any questions or concerns that you have before we admit your dog or cat for surgery. 

Proper pain management is critical in making you and your pet comfortable post-operatively. The best way to control pain is to stop it before it occurs. We give injectable pain medication prior to anesthesia, and send home oral postoperative pain control for any procedure which may cause discomfort. We want your pet to be as pain-free as possible after any procedure.

We offer the following surgical services:


Spaying and neutering your pet is important not only to help prevent pet overpopulation, but also to help prevent many health issues seen in unneutered pets, including certain cancers, uterine or prostatic infections, unwanted behavior, etc. 

Mass Removals

It can be scary dealing with a possibly cancerous growth on your pet. Our skilled surgery team will formulate the best plan to remove the growth and send it to a pathologist to diagnose the tumor type. If your pet requires further cancer treatment beyond surgery, we work closely with several local oncologists that provide cutting-edge care for pets dealing with cancer.

Exploratory Surgery

Sometimes, pets eat things they shouldn't, warranting surgery to alleviate an intestinal obstruction. In other cases, your pet may have bladder stones, an internal mass that needs to be removed, or an ongoing illness that prompts us to examine the internal organs and take biopsies. We will formulate a personalized surgical plan to address your pet's condition.

Specialty Surgery

If your pet needs an advanced procedure, we work closely with local board-certified surgeons that can perform nearly any surgery your pet may need, including advanced orthopedics or complicated soft tissue surgery.

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