Annual Exams
A thorough physical exam is the cornerstone of good veterinary medicine. Dogs and cats age at a more rapid rate than humans, so it is very important to assess them physically at least once a year. Each time we assess your pet, we perform a thorough exam to assess their teeth, skin, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, abdomen, orthopedic condition, and general mentation. We will also take a thorough history, asking you questions about your pet’s diet, activity level, bathroom habits, and general well-being. Our goal with routine wellness exams is to diagnose conditions before they have progressed or become harder to treat. Our doctors can then tailor a treatment plan specific to your pet's needs.

Through the use of vaccinations, the veterinary profession has managed to significantly minimize the number of communicable diseases that cats and dogs contract. Kingsgate Animal Hospital has chosen the highest quality, safest vaccines for your pets. There are core vaccinations that we recommend routinely for all pets as well as vaccinations for other diseases based on lifestyle (i.e. exposure to other animals via grooming, boarding, daycare, etc.). We put together a vaccination protocol that is specific to your dog or cat based on their needs and risk factors.

We recommend monthly, year-round parasite prevention for our patients. Heartworm disease can be deadly if contracted, and does not require contact with other animals to spread as it is transmitted by mosquitoes. Lyme disease is on the rise in the Midwest, and many people do not realize that the deer tick, which transmits Lyme disease, feeds most actively from October to February. Therefore, flea and tick preventatives are also important year-round, and now come in a convenient chewable form for dogs. Even indoor cats are susceptible to fleas - we see them frequently! Ask us about the right products for your pet.

Senior Wellness Care
Much like humans, senior pets often deal with multiple, chronic issues as they age. If detected early, many of these can be treated successfully and progression of disease delayed or prevented completely. As your pet approaches their golden years, more frequent physical exams, senior bloodwork, and diagnostic work-ups may be recommended. Additionally, your observations of changes in behavior at home can be paramount in pinpointing what is going on with your pet. Make sure to let us know if your pet has experienced any changes in their senior years. We have so many options with modern veterinary medicine to keep them happy and comfortable into their old age!

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